I am inspired everyday to share my  creative ideas, outfits and reflect to you, that your beauty that is within you can be reflected in your clothes, accessories and hair. These things when worn to honor you will just illuminate the beauty on the outside.

Why am I so excited to share how life can be beautiful in the body you are in? Let me share my story that I believe motivated me to want to support every woman and little girl feel they are perfect just the way they are.

It all started when I was twelve years and  I was out shopping with my mom at Mervyn’s. I remember listening to my mom shame her self and her body because her khaki pants made her butt look big and nothing fit her. I remember saying you look fine, I did not see her the way she was saying she looked. All I wanted was my Mom to feel good in her pants. Well this happened many times over my childhood, my mom was always dieting and suggesting there was never any clothes to fit her. I realized at young age this is what women do, they shame themselves to not feeling good enough. I vowed I would ever feel this way! Well I cannot tell you that I have never felt this way, what I can tell you is since the age of 15 I made it mission to share how fun looking good really is and that each of us are so unique! I am determined to help each one of you see your light.  Life is all about your intentions and lessons your soul is here to learn. I am here to light this world up with reflective thoughts and bright clothing!

I am super excited to support all of you on this journey we call life. I invite you to live an inspired life everyday! Are you ready to get started? Take my hand and let’s go… Follow the bubbles they will be our guide.

woman surrounded by sunflowers raising hand
Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com
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